• Builder Home Buying Guidance
    • Home buying is probably one of the most important decisions, as it entails putting in an individual’s major savings as self-contribution.
    • Further, most first time home buyers have to source their purchase through loans, thereby putting an additional strain on their resources, as a major part of their income would go into paying the EMI on the amount of loan taken.
    • Thus, the choice of their home becomes of utmost importance and this is where most buyers are being induced into purchasing a home that may not be the ideal one for them. The realization of this fact comes after the investment is done and either part or full payment is made towards that purchase.
    • At Home Guide, we counsel you into your requirements and offer you invaluable advise towards the purchase of your dream home. We do this after analyzing your requirements into 3 parameters..
    • We will discuss with you about:

      [1] Your choice of Location: - This is of vital importance, as your location will directly decide your accessibility to your work place and other important destinations and social infrastructure to cater to your everyday requirements

      [2] Your choice of timeframe for possession: - This is another aspect where you need to identify projects that are online with your scheme of things. You may also want a ready to move in property where you are led into buying a property that may claim delivery soon but eventually may not be able to offer you possession thereby causing considerable anxiety to you and your family apart from draining your resources. At Home Guide we address this at the first level itself.

      [3] Budget: - This is the most important aspect and most customers are aware of their cutout budget after stretching. We can quote a lot of instances where customers are kept in the dark about the hidden charges like annual maintenance and payment towards statutory charges, society charges and the like. We, at home Guide give you a clear picture about the landed cost.
    • Most importantly, we at Home Guide will be with you right through and will be available to you till you move into your dream home ………………………………………….. and beyond.
    Builder Home Selling Guidance
    • When it comes to selling your home, you need to ensure that you are dealing with the right purchaser who has the funds to buy your home. You will need to identify this, which is tricky most of the time. We do this due diligence for you.
    • Your home purchaser could be sourcing your property through home loan or through self-funding. We need to identify this before entering into any kind of transaction.
    • In case of funding through loan, we need to ensure that there are no existing loans of the purchaser. If there is, we need to address this. In a few cases, we may need to enter into a tripartite agreement. In this case the sourcing bank will directly release funds into your account. With our vast experience, we will manure you through this.
    • When we sell our flat, we also have a moral obligation to the society where we were staying till the desire to sell our flat was established. This means that we need to find a buyer who will fulfill the obligations of the society and abide by its rules and regulations.
    • A lot of times the purchaser may seem and will project that he has enough resources to buy your property, but in fact he may not have the same. If we enter into an agreement with such a purchaser, we will end up in a soup because our property will get stuck with such a buyer which would directly impact the sale value of the property. At Home Guide, you can rest at peace, as we take over all your concerns and address them