• The Buyer has various options to source his purchase through loans.

      [1] Private Sector Banks
      [2] Public Sector Banks
      [3] Non-Banking financial Institutions {NBFC’S}
      [4] Co-Operative Banks.
    • All of the above differ in its interest rates and other modalities. We need to identify what suits us the most. Whether it is interest rates, or no penalty on foreclosure or relaxation in EMI’S or any other factor. There are low interest rate options, low EMI options, deferred EMI options, higher LTV [Loan to Value] ratio and many more. We at home Guide understand your requirements and can build a customized loan as per your individual requirements.
    • We at home Guide have dealt extensively with all of the above and can identify your needs to build a home loan to suit your ever-changing requirements.
    • We organize everything at the comfort of your homes with all the documentation pertaining to your loan sanction as well as disbursal taken care of individually with no running about for our clients.
    • The interest rates of retail loans may vary from time to time and may differ from bank to bank or from one financial institution to another. We identify these and get you the loan most suitable to your requirement and from the best suitable financial institution.
    • When you source a loan through us, you remain hassle free right from the time you connect to us till the time your loan is fully disbursed ……………………………………. and beyond.