• We are RERA registered and have been in the business for over 2 decades. We are a close knit team and have handled projects right from the nascent stage having an intricate grasp of the REAL ESTATE business. We understand that that at least half a lifetime is spent in procuring a single property and this makes our job more committed. We understand the needs of our customers and address them to their satisfaction. We believe that customer satisfaction will play a pivotal role in our growth. We are rootless without your association and we believe that if we satisfy you with our services, references will flow.

    We have a plethora of services under our umbrella. As our name “HOME GUIDE” suggests, we are a complete home solutions agency. You may approach us for anything related to HOME and we assure you that we will arrange for the same to your satisfaction. Over the past couple of decades, we have handled a number of complex assignments thereby accumulating vast, varied and rich experiences that we can share with our customers.

    We offer our advice and suggestions not because we claim to be always right but certainly have more experience in being wrong. Over a period of time we have overcome all the seemingly insurmountable impediments and have emerged as entrepreneurs to service our customers so that they can have the benefit of our expertise and seek a home nearer to their dreams and of course budget.

    • 1. To reach and service as many clients as possible.

    • 2. To house happiness across Customer Segments & Geographic Dimensions.

    • 3. To extend the expertise of a 25+ years in the Corporate Real Estate sector as a throw-back to the retail home buying sector.

    • 1. To include and initiate as many services as possible that would touch the Real Estate sector.

    • 2. To constantly persevere as an emerging 360° service provider in the Real Estate segment from Inception to Culmination.

    • 3. To engage in areas of home buying segment that would add to their asset investments with expert guidance regarding property selection with respect to consumer risk appetite.

    Sanjay Iyer

    Founder & Promoter

    He is the Founder Promoter of Home Guide and is a Real Estate Professional with over 25 years of hands on experience in executing start ups right from inception to culmination. He has handled Builder projects right from nascent stage till apex formation. Has complete knowledge and expertise in all spheres of Real Estate like Sales, Marketing, Documentation, Legal, Administration, Projects, RERA compliances, Finance and a gamut of other activities.

    With about 2 and half decades spent in the Real Estate Industry, he has wide contacts at the top level in the Builders fraternity. He has represented his company at MCHI for over a decade. He can take on projects at inception and deliver till exit of project. Knows the intricate nuances of the Real Estate trade and had maximum expertise in maximizing profits by minimizing costs and overheads. Is a Grand Master in Media planning and Sales strategies.

    Real Estate Induction

    From The Promoter's Desk

    I have been working in the Real Estate Sector for 25 + years handling a portfolio spanning from Inception to Culmination. It has been a long journey, wherein I have seen the Real Estate Sector’s ups and downs. Real Estate, since time immemorial, has always been a preferred investment option due its physical form of Asset Value. It also adds to the owner’s rental income besides gradual Capital Value Addition with the passage of time. I emphasize on this, since in the accounting Balance Sheet, Land & Buildings is the only item in the Assets side that has “Add Appreciation”, whereas the rest of the assets have “Less Depreciation”. This clearly indicates its high importance even from the professional angle.

    Many experts have opined that Real Estate is losing its value as a preferred Investment option due to the ROI [Return on Investment]. To an extent, we can accommodate this thought. As an individual being in the industry for almost half my lifetime, I view this sector as a need based industry. During our academics, the economics subject has taught us that 3 basic needs are Food, Clothing & Shelter. The last one “Shelter” to us is Real Estate. Within every individual, stems a demand for Real Estate, simply due to its formidable value as a Superclass, fixed, appreciating asset where one can have the safety and security of a life time. Even today, it is a matter of pride to own a space anywhere that one can afford. Hence, it will not be incorrect to say that within every individual stems a demand for Real Estate. Now after the passage of a few years, every individual will see a rise in his career and disposable income. He then seeks to upgrade his asset or seeks an additional investment in asset since he would have seen a visible appreciation in his first asset purchased some years ago. At this stage, once again, it would not be incorrect to say that within every individual stems a multiple demand for Real estate.

    The price fluctuations will only change the destination of the purchase and not the demand. At any given point of time, if a given destination is unaffordable, some other upcoming destination will be price friendly. The government from time to time has been pitching in with whatever sops that it can in terms of Stamp Duty reduction and Home Loan Interest editions. However, these are just peripheral factors. The real driving force still remains as the “Formidable source of Security amidst any Adversity”. Considering the traditional mindset of Indian home buyers, Real Estate will never lose its value as the preferred investment option.

    With the advent of RERA [Real Estate Regulatory Authority], the loopholes that were prevalent earlier as regarding purchasing an under construction property has been plugged. The risk factor is almost negligible. Besides, there are also a lot of ready to move in properties that will give revenue generation, immediately upon purchase by way of rental income.

    The above message is solely my view and in no way disrespects the views of other experts. I also offer consultancy on the subject with my 360° exposure and expertise in the Real Estate Sector, which comes complimentary to the clients; since the revenue generation will happen in due course, if the advice matures into a future purchase. Here is Sanjay Iyer, Wishing all my current and future clients a lucrative and productive home purchase. I will be available on prior appointment. My multiple contact details are listed in my website and E-Card. Will look forward to be at your service and seek your good wishes and support in all my endeavors.